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Seniors In Theatre Look Back At What Passion Drives Them To Pefrom 

The arts is a big aspect of life, literature, society and even in high school. The arts has been a way for people to understand history, spread culture and music, or even convey the experience of others in a manner that is artistic and unique. Art communicates information, it draws shapes, it impels people to listen and changes the future. Theatre is a huge aspect of the arts, and drives many people here at school.  

Theatre can be an emotional outlet not just for the audience of theatre, but also for the community involved and the production behind the arts. Senior Andrew Flores is apart of theatre at Tompkins and fins himself having a place to belong in the theatre community. 

“Theatre brings to students a place to feel safe in being themselves and a sense of community,” said Flores, ““I do think theater is a good way to express one’s self because one can incorporate their own personality into a character and really make it their own.” 

  Theatre can provide a sense of community that drives people to want to create art, or become passionate about their story and how its told. Senior Kateyln Bellows has participated in Theatre for many years, and is her last and final year at Tompkins. Bellows believes in the importance theatre brings to society and its role in conveying stories. Theatre is an important part of storytelling and can create a whole new idea of how to communicate that story.  

 “I enjoy the idea of storytelling and being entertainment for others. I am also passionate about spreading messages across to others, and theater is a great interactive way to get the audience to listen to the message you want them to take in. It is such a beautiful art with the amount of work put into it,” said Bellows.  

Being able to act and use everyday emotions to drive your performance is a huge part that can drive passion or expression of ones selves. Senior Nico Rigatos is also a senior on theatre and has enjoyed being a part of a family and community that supports him. 

“One thing that theatre brings to students is an opportunity to express themselves and the ideas of others in a very unique way,” said Rigatos. “It allows actors to put on the shoes of a character completely different from who they are in real life. The lessons that those acting experiences provide help shape a lot of the students’ view on the world and helps them better understand other people in the real world.”  

Theatre is a unique experience, but very time consuming. As a student in theatre being passionate about the arts is almost required because of the long hours and dedication it takes from students to produce what is seen on stage.  

 “Theater has become a big part of my life, so continuing outside of high school would be ideal. However, the industry is very competitive, but with a high spirit and acceptance of ‘no’ I believe I can get far. Theater has created a family for me,” said Bellows. “In the TTC (Tompkins theater company) you are with the same people all year and create such special memories with everyone, being extremely vulnerable with one another. I am so grateful joining theater gave me such impactful people in my life. It also gave me communication skills and problem solving skills that can be useful in the real world. theater does take a lot of time away but to me it is so worth it in its final product.”  

With the long hours and dedication it takes, the community through theatre truly speaks for itself. As it seems to be built as a family, or a community of good students all having the same drive and passion within the arts.  

“One thing that I love about theater is the sense of family that we have in the theater company. The second you join you will be welcomed by many loving individuals that will make you feel instantly at home and help guide you through the world of theater. The friendships I have made through theater I will definitely never forget, and I am sure the same goes for many others,” said Rigatos.  

Many relationships are built and are life lasting, through theatre. Flores describes the impact theatre has on his life socially and the community it builds. 

“One thing I love about theater is my amazing friends that support me and make me laugh all the time. Theatre has brought into my life a new space to make friends and a place to be myself without feeling unsafe, and amazing friends,” said Flores.  

Theatre is extremely special in the way it requires students to open up and be vulnerable throughout the program. The arts provides a way to uniquely pull out certain emotions and feelings that many activities do not necessarily require or use.  

“Theater gives kids a chance to learn how to use their voice and collaborate with others. It also gives kids a chance to be creative and use their imagination to create their own characters,” said Bellows.  

Acting requires many ranges of emotions and calls for actors to be vulnerable and open to the crowd, theatre truly requires for a lot out of its actors and is made for people desperately driven through performing and emotion.  

“Bringing emotion into acting is really done by evaluating the character you play and the attitude of the words and the severity of the setting. Whether you are happy in a field of flowers as the sun shines or you are inside whilst it rains outside, it’s all a setting with something taking place, it all adds to your emotion of the ongoing event. My passion for the arts comes from the support of my directors and peers and the genuine love of making people feel something by acting,” said Flores.  

Similarly, Rigatos speaks on his experience with theatre, and what rings true to him personally in his love for the arts. Describing his take on the requirements of vulnerability and emotional tools that acting needs to be successful and impacting.  

“I do have a love for theatre, said Rigatos. “I find it to be the most natural form of human expression and a great way to convey realistic emotions and lessons to others. I also love theatre for the technical aspect. From building sets to programming light cues, theater has truly taught me the importance of working hard even when your achievements may be less recognized.”

Theatre requires time, dedication, and countless other things from actors being up on the stage and performing is a unique experience one that nothing else like the arts can bring. Similarly, to Flores’ connection with emotion and acting, Rigatos also expresses his similar feeling and statement on how he derives that emotional connection between himself and the character. 

“Some things that theater brings into my life is a sense of achievement. After every successful show, or even after just having a good rehearsal, I am able to go home and feel proud about my accomplishment for the day. The best feeling is definitely after a big show like our musical this year, which saw many audience members be brought to tears. It is moments like these that make me truly love theater,” said Rigatos. “I bring emotion into my acting by connecting myself to the character I am portraying. By bringing bits and pieces of my life into the life of my character, I can play them more realistically and use my own experiences and past emotions as tools on the stage.”  

Theatre is a form of expression, a sense of community, and a way to combine societal expression to past and history. It is an art form that represents a unique way to bring change and vulnerability into society today. 

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