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Students Take Unique Career Paths

Derek Lee
Senior Tadd Waldner and Senior Gabriella Gonzales.

Some individual students are breaking away from traditional and societal norms and following their own passions. Whether it is becoming something like an entertainment lawyer, art curator or even a therapist, these students that are going down these paths are embracing their individuality and making their mark in the world. The way that these students pursue their careers shows their determination and can also serve as an inspiration to others, showing that it is possible to forge their own path and find success in unconventional careers. 

Since there are many students that are starting to become more open to what unique careers that they are trying to pursue and also how they pursue it, many unique options for jobs have started to open up. For freshman Emma Payare, junior Mary Catherine Schmidt and junior Toke Fasade, they are also in the start of pursuing their own unique career choices. 

“I’m thinking of being an entertainment lawyer,” said Fasade. “ To become one I would basically go to college. Obviously I would study policies and then I would go to law school and then would work at a firm. And to be honest I just wanted to do something that I would enjoy and not be miserable and I think that being an entertainment lawyer could fulfill that need.” 

An entertainment lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in many of the legal matters that are for people that are in the entertainment business. Being an entertainment lawyer is one of those jobs that one does not hear many students hoping to pursue. With the hardships of law school, it can seem to be tedious to other students, but not Fasade.   

“I would like to be an art curator at the moment,” said Schmidt. “To be one I would definitely have to study a lot of art and also a lot of art history and maybe some communications too. I like art and I like history, and honestly, it sounds very stressful to explain to people what your art means and so just being like an art curator would be like ‘Hey guys! Look at this Guy’s Art’ that’s why I would like to be one.” 

Art curators are usually the people that are responsible for organizing a whole art exhibition and while many students are hoping to go down the art field, not many are planning on going down this specific part of the field.  

“I want to become a therapist,” said Payare. “ There is some mental illness in my family. So I wanted to be able to help people that are almost like going through the same thing. I will be taking mental health and wellness classes and stuff in the years till I graduate to prepare myself more for the job and the classes will probably be hard, but I think I will like them.” 

Therapy is also one of the jobs that are not usually gone after by many students. Being a therapist would take a lot of patience along with the many years that it would take to become one one. With the unique career paths that not many students are planning to go down, attention should be brought to these jobs and also these students, maybe even a wish of luck. 

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