It is Time for Scenes of Scares

Sebastian McNamara

Halloween is right around the corner and what other way to get in the spirit than to watch scary movies. Sometimes not everyone is ready for the spooky season because they are simply just scared. However, watching scary movies with friends and or family can be fun while still getting a little scared.

When asked what Halloween movies come to mind, people would likely say Halloween which has eleven films in the franchise and Friday the 13th which has twelve films in the franchise. Halloween follows the horrifying serial killer Michael Myers who was put into a sanitarium for the crime he committed Halloween night, which was killing his sister. He then escapes 15 years later and stalks a female babysitter and her friends. This movie gives people a reason to jump out of their seat or could make them scream or cry. The music also does its best to scare people by having random loud moments or hyping up the scare and this makes it so much scarier. Near the end of the film, as the body count gets higher, people fear not only for their own life but also for the protagonist.

The other top horror movie would have to be Friday the 13th which takes the viewer to Camp Crystal Lake where a little boy named Jason Voorhees was drowned. Decades later campers use rumors as scary stories around the campfire to scare everyone. The rumor of the camp does not stop the counselors from setting up and inviting people to join. The counselors are then faced with the powerful murderer and haunting force,Jason Vorhees. Vorhees is merciless and will not stop until they are all dead. Will the counselors live or fall to the cruel curse?

Another horror movie that will haunt the dreams of people is A Nightmare on Elm Street. The murderer in this movie is Freddy Krueger who preys on teenagers in their sleep.He attacks them with his sharp claws and kills them in gruesome ways in their dreams, which in turn kills them in real life. The protagonist must find a way to beat Krueger which forces the protagonist, Nancy Thompson, to follow a strange mystery. All the while Freddy kills Thompson’s friends and continues to attempt to kill her. Will Krueger succeed or will the protagonist succeed?

Those horror movies are for the strong willed. However, even some adults get scared easily alongside the children. Halloweentown is another Halloween time movie that would not be classified as horror, but as a family Halloween movie which has three movies in total. This movie follows a family that discovers they are witches from their grandma. They learn of Halloweentown which is a place for the supernatural to live just as normally as humans. They enjoy their time there until they discover that evil lurks in the supernatural town. They now must fight to protect the Earth from the evil that wants to take it over. Will the family prevail or will the Earth be lost to evil?

These are just some of the many horror movies to watch during October to get into the spirit for Halloween. There are movies for those that love gore or even for those that cannot even handle a spider. All of these movies were made for enjoyment and should be watched even if it isn’t Halloween, but during Halloween they should be revered.