A Man Called Otto: A Great Movie For The New Year


Sydney Jackson, Editor in Chief The Nestline

Tom Hanks’ latest film, A Man Called Otto, is a heartwarming story about the importance of family that not only gives a good laugh to the viewer, but also shows what opening your heart can do. The movie centers around the unlikely friendship between the main character and protagonist, Otto, played by Tom Hanks, and sub-protagonist Marisol, played by Mariana Treviño. 

A Man Called Otto is the American film adaptation of the Swedish film adaptation of the Swedish book by Hannes Holm called A Man Called Ove. Taking place in the winter in a small town, Otto is a grumpy, cranky widower who gets released from his job of 40 years. He is considering ending his life, but when a lively, rambunctious family moves in next door his life gets turned upside down. When the two meet they do not initially hit it off. But when Marisol needs driving lessons, the two form an unexpected friendship. Throughout the movie, Marisol teaches Otto to not be so independent and the importance of an open heart.

Although it has the energy of a Christmas movie, it happens to not be one. It takes the wholesomeness of a typical Christmas movie, and combines it with a hint of nostalgia, which makes it stand out from the current releases. Throughout the movie, there are a lot of aspects that play into the nostalgic feel. For example, no one in the movie is ever seen using a cell phone. As well, it plays into the small town aspect a great deal. Everyone in the town knows and talks to each other everyday. There is not any big chain store nearby. So it gives the viewer a chance to break free.

A Man Called Otto has an impressive production crew. Swiss-German director Marc Forster teamed up with David Magee once again, previously in the 2004 movie Finding Neverland, to create the American adaptation of the movie. As well, a part of the production is Tom Hanks, most known for his role in Forrest Gump as Forrest Gump. He not only stars in this movie, but he also is a co-producer of the film. For Mariana Treviño, a popular actress in Mexico, this will be her first American movie. She is most known in her home country for her role as Isabel in Club de Cuervos. 

A Man Called Otto is a great family-friendly movie that both adults and children can enjoy. It is a good movie for those who are in need of a feel good film or something to watch with family for the new year. Not only does the movie have good laughs, it also has a good message. The film will be released on Dec. 30 in theaters nationwide.