A Teacher’s Influence on their Students


Jesus Mendez

He watches over them as their minds wander and work. Pencils scribble and fidgeting
fingers tap lightly on the wooden desks as the timer dwindles down. Only 20 minutes left and many are struggling to write the next paragraph or the next sentence with precision and specificity. The thinking minds rapidly analyze as the clock ticks on, getting louder and louder in the silent room. He had prepared them for days upon days for this ICTW and this was the time to show if they knew their material. If they actually spent a fair amount of time paying attention, obtaining as much knowledge as they could.
Jimmy Haisler had been teaching for many years and each day he tries his hardest to
cram as much information as he can into the young minds. AP Language is a very difficult
subject and very hard to teach in a proper way, but he knows that he has taught many students well. He hopes that it will show when he reads and grades the essays, assignments, and projects turned in. He knows that life after high school can be difficult and he wishes to make it a little easier for his class as the year nears the end. It may be full of obstacles, but he hopes he can help his students overcome and prosper.

“​I really enjoy shaping young minds and I enjoy working students,​” said Haisler. “It takes a lot of my undivided attention but I love doing what I do.”
For students school is a hardship and a major stressor, the constant assignments and
projects, watching as your grades lower or rise, may sometimes be tough to deal with, but little do most know, it is as difficult for teachers. In many ways teachers and students can relate, weekdays are flooded with assignments, whether you’re completing them or grading them, they’re both as much of a stressor as the next. Creating a day-to-day schedule can be challenging and often doesn’t end as planned.
“With teaching you can never really have a set schedule, times change all the time and it
can be difficult to cram so many things into one place,” said Haisler. “I learn to go with the flow and make sure to always do things efficiently.”
An essential part of teaching can be the relationship developed between a classroom and
the likes of their teacher. Sometimes a teacher is seen as the horrible person who gives out too much homework, but it can also be said that students can be quite unattentive or distracting during lessons. Haisler believes that it may be important to meet in the middle and establish a valuable teacher-student relationship.
“I like to talk to my students, start a conversation with them. I want them to think of me
as a person and not just their teacher.” said Haisler.
In such a competitive school, some students need more help than others and there are
times when some assignments can be more complicated than those previous. Students can have a hard time obtaining information at such a fast pace, when their schedule may be full of many other AP classes. There are good days and bad days and Haisler works on the toughest ones to prepare his students for the worst.
“It can be very hard at times because students grades are very different from one another.
One student could be passing with flying colors while another is failing miserably, it can be
difficult to know if it’s your teaching or the student themselves,” said Haisler.
Junior, Richa Shah, has been a student in Haisler’s AP Language class since her first
semester. The days have been filled with essays and close readings, each week growing more and more demanding and crucial. Learning in his classroom has increased her skills as a writer and has allowed her to pay attention to details, discovering the hidden meanings behind the words on a page.
“His teaching methods are extremely helpful as I have grown significantly as a writer just
by being in his class for a short time,” said Shah.
Haisler is deliberate with his teaching and wishes to always consider every possibility.
Although he spends most of the time flooding information into students minds, he doesn’t do all of the work himself. He gives students the opportunity to be innovative but productive, by giving them the freedom to learn as they rush through each lesson and speak up about any problems they may have with his instructions and guidance.
“I love the fact that he gives us copious amounts of creative freedom and liberty to speak
our mind on topics we care about. Moreover, in my opinion, there are no weaknesses in his
teaching.” said Shah.
Teachers are seen as the people who open the door wider for the students, advising and
mentoring along the way. Along with Haisler comes his love for the students who hope to learn and conquer the overwhelming years of high school. He wisely uses his time to push the class forward from one challenge to the next and there are students willing to show their appreciation for his efforts.
“He is an amazing teacher,” Shah said. “I’ve learned so much from him in the short time
I’ve had and he seems to really love what he does.”