Facial Oils Take Skincare by Storm


Olivia Garrett

A new skincare trend is taking beauty stores and Instagram by storm. While oily skin was once a makeup sin, it is quickly becoming an essential step in the modern everyday routine. Facial oils are beginning to seep their way into the beauty industry and their benefits are becoming visible.

“I really like how easy it is to customize to your skin. Everyone’s skin has unique needs and oils are very versatile,” said Karaline Jeffries, senior and skincare enthusiast.

Facial oils are recommended by skin type, the heaviest ones like marula for dry skin and the lighter ones such as jojoba for oily skin. Beauty experts recommend going to a local beauty store like Ulta or Sephora and having an assessment done in the skin care section to tell one what kind of oil would suit them. It is crucial to use the right oils for one’s specific skin type because over or under saturating the skin can result in breakouts.

“Oils can be very beneficial to add to a routine, but you still need other elements,” said Jeffries.

Facial oils are best used in accompaniment with other elements of skin care. The recommended order is as follows: cleanse, tone, apply oil(s), lock in with moisturizer. It is essential to follow this order to ensure the oils do their job correctly.

“It is easy to target specific problems with oils,” said Jeffries

Aside from moisturizing and plumping the skin, oils can fix other facial worries. Marula oil reduces redness and many with rosacea and acne use it to calm the skin. Argan, rosehip, and sunflower oil all have anti aging properties and are used in many anti wrinkle serums.

“Oils are especially good in the summer when your skin absorbs more,” said Jeffries.

With warmer weather approaching, oils should be used in accompaniment with sunscreen to maximize effects. The oils will even skin tone and make it bouncey while sunscreen will prevent dark spots. Mixing them into face makeup is also popular as it keeps skin hydrated and moisture locked in all day. Juno, Beautycounter, and Kiehl’s all sell blends that work well alone or mixed with makeup.