Acting Superintendent Takes Control

Tyler Olmo

In Katy ISD, with the retirement of Dr. Hindt, school administrators and officials are in the process of determining who will become the next Superintendent. For the time being, the Board of Trustees have appointed former Deputy Superintendent Kenneth Gregorski to perform the actions of Superintendent as the Board searches for and decides upon who will fill the position permanently. Gregorski will perform under the title of Acting Superintendent as he oversees administration and education throughout the district in his new position.

“Following principalships in FBISD, I was appointed as Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services and Human Resources in Stafford Municipal School District where I provided leadership and support to the K-12 principals and oversaw the recruitment and retention of staff members district-wide. Later, I also took on a similar role in Allen ISD as that district’s Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for about three years before coming back to Katy,” said Gregorski.

As noted by Gregorski, he has a long career in education and is familiar with Katy ISD, as he has been an associate principal at Katy High School. In addition to his work at Katy High School, Gregorski operated as Dr. Hindt’s Deputy Superintendent during his tenure, providing him with significant administrative experience within the district as well.

“There are a number of matters important to our students, staff and community. One that immediately comes to mind is our community’s rapid growth and continuing to meet our standard for providing unparalleled learning opportunities to the nearly 100,000 students our district is projected to see within the next ten years,” said Gregorski.

Gregorski will continue to face issues that Dr. Hindt was faced with during his time with Katy ISD which primarily concerns handling the massive number of students coming in to Katy ISD year-by-year. Gregorski holds resolute in his responsibility, however, to assure that every student be given the best education possible while in Katy ISD.

“There is no doubt that Dr. Hindt is an outstanding school leader. He has provided mentoring and guidance to me for many years. If I was to condense all of that learning down to one area of leadership, it would be what he has taught me about authentic leadership,” said Gregorski.