Navigate the Checkout and Return Process of Items

Click here for the latest District updates on COVID-19.

Click here for the latest District updates on COVID-19.

Nicole Ruopp

Governor Abbott issued an executive order on April 17 effectively closing all Texas schools for the remainder of the year. Many students, especially seniors, are wondering how they will regain their property that still sits at the school. Also, where will seniors get their cords, awards and caps and gowns? Tompkins High School administration has created a plan for students to properly get their items and return the school’s, in a safe and efficient way.

The organized process includes three phases: Athletics and Fine Arts, Seniors and other grade levels.

Athletic coaches and directors in Fine Arts department are personally coordinating with those in their program about a return process. Most students still have uniforms and equipment that are school property. Therefore each individual organization will come up with a plan to return these items while maximizing safety. These interactions will occur during the first week, May 4-8.

During the subsequent week, seniors will have the opportunity to come to the campus to acquire their property and return the school’s. Specifically, seniors will be receiving a packet with items that would have been given out if school was still in session. Included in this package will be cords, stoles and awards received. Along with this package, will be a bag with personal items from the student’s locker, and cap and gown orders if applicable. In order for this to occur, certain guidelines must be followed to maintain an area of safety. Those who come for the checkout process must enter the 9th grade lot, bring their ID, and remain in their car the entire time. To identify the student’s car, there must be a sign labelled with the student’s name and ID number, to speed up the process. In order to reduce traffic and increase safety, the senior class will be divided into three days (May 12-14), with two time slots each day, to pick up items.

Furthermore, seniors are required to return school issued textbooks, technological devices and books from the library in order to receive their diploma. They can be turned in on the same checkout day that coordinates with the student’s last name.

Finally, the remaining grade levels who have items at the school, and still have school issued products, will be allotted the May 18-21 time slot.

Due to the publisher’s plant closure until May 15, Tompkins yearbooks will be distributed at a summer date.

Specific details regarding the checkout process, have been communicated by the school’s administration with parents and students through email.