MSA Fundraises for Pakistan


Elia Naz, Staff Writer

Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country in South Asia, is facing a considerable calamity. A tragic obstacle has occurred in Pakistan, killing 1,325 innocent lives, including 466 children, and displacing over 33 million people – that is more than the entire population of Venezuela. It has destroyed homes, buildings, commercial centers and whole cities. Pakistan is already a periphery (poor) country, and a significant monsoon has crumbled Pakistan’s economy and settlements. The Pakistan Flood has ruined the lives of multiple innocent people, including the life of a local man Khadim Hussian.

“Consider us as insects We are stranded. We lost all our belongings,” Hussian said to the authorities. “We need food, medicine, and help.”

Students at school have arranged donations for the Pakistan Flood crisis. The MSA (Muslim Students Association) has organized a charity for Pakistani citizens who need assistance.

The goal is to reach $460,000 through the Islamic Relief USA who is hosting the fundraiser. Any contributions to the Pakistan flood crisis are highly encouraged to save the lives of millions of Pakistani families.


To donate to this cause, click on link Enter your username, contact information, and the preferred amount of money you would like to donate.

If you would like to know more regarding the donations connected to this cause, contact the president of the MSA club, senior Zhara Jilani  at phone number 346-813-7545 or check out the Islamic relief USA Instagram page for more details and updates.