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Daydreamers Send Out Their Love in Song


They traversed the school hallways on a special day filled with harmony and singing from one classroom to the other. There were many preparations leading up to this very special day. The Choir program, on Feb. 13, released their carefully chosen valentines contracted by the students in the school to send both friendship and love messages to specially chosen individuals. Their goals were to enlighten peoples’ hearts and moods on a day of love, friendship, and appreciation.


“People from every choir class audition and directors choose. Usually, either people play an instrument or have a background track, and it must be under two minutes,” said senior Kate Bryant.


In order to be a part of the Singing Valentines, one had to be a part of the choir program and go through an audition process. All students that take part in the program were given the privilege to pick a song they wish to perform and then audition said song in a cut of under two minutes for the choir directors.


“You must audition with a song of your choice, and be in the choir program in order to be able to audition. The best auditions, according to the directors, are the ones that make it,” said senior Zachary Roten.


With a total of around 15-20 acts, all with varying songs, the chosen students were assigned who they are to perform for throughout the day. The sales to contract a singing valentine occured the week before during the lunch period of students, where they could approach the front table. For a fee of $5, they could pick a certain song they would like to be performed by the Valentines towards a friend, loved one or even a teacher.


“Funds raised go towards the choir program and are used for buying music for concerts and contests,” said Roten


The choir program had many intentions through this process. They wished to give people at Tompkins a chance for a special Valentines gift. It allowed some students which may have had trouble finding a gift idea to provide someone special with a lovely surprise. The choir program also intended to utilize the money which students provide to expand their program and improve specific aspects such as new music.


“It is something simple but fun to spread happiness for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it makes singers want to join choir if they are not already and show people all the things the Tompkins Choir has to offer,” said Bryant.

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