Carpio Ron Introduces Lost Boy Production


Ella Ray, Editor in Chief The Nest

Lights beam against the student performers’ faces as they glide across the stage, allowing a landfill of emotions to flow out to the audience. The Theatre Company is showing their production of Lost Boy from Jan. 19 – 21 as well as Jan. 27 with an evening time of 7 p.m.. However, students should not stress if they are unavailable during these dates as the theater plans to provide a final showing on Jan. 28 with one 1 p.m. show and one 7 p.m. show. Junior Patricia Carpio Ron introduces the production as the story of Peter Pan and the origin of its creation from the point of view of the author. Carpio Ron insists that both students and staff should come see the show because it is not only a great mix of comedy and tragedy but also the community can become aware and learn about the origin of the famous Peter Pan.

“It also shows how the story helped rekindle the spark between the author, James Barrie, and his mother Margaret Barrie, after the death of his little brother, Davey, which completely altered the course of his life and haunted him until he wrote the story of Peter Pan,” said Carpio.

Carpio Ron portrays Sean O’Rourke, a bully from James’s childhood who turns into a ‘friendly giant’ as well as a friend in James’ now unfamiliar hometown of Kirriemuir, Ireland. Carpio Ron explains that  although Sean is now friends with Barrie, he still seems to maintain slight traits of his past bully persona as he is constantly making small jabs and teasing Sean as well as even being disloyal to his wife by having multiple affairs.

“He does this in order to prove to himself that he can still do what he could when he was 17 and in his prime,” said Carpio Ron.

Carpio Ron also expresses that the cast does multiple team building exercises from warming up and working out together to doing exercises that force them to interact in uncomfortable scenarios with people they may not be all too familiar with.

“Rehearsals are a good balance of running through the show and working on specific scenes as well as doing exercises to help find and relate to the character we are portraying,” said Carpio Ron.

Carpio Ron emphasizes that her favorite part of being in the cast of the production is being able to watch the play transform and improve every rehearsal as it grows from a simple read through in character to a full out show in only a couple months. Besides witnessing the exponential growth of the play, she also enjoys seeing each of her castmates grow in their skills and experience. Other leading performers include senior Jace Hernandez as JM Barrie, sophomore Rudy Aguilar as Jamie, junior Johan Carreon as both Davey and Peter Pan and senior Andrea Diaz as Mother, these students working closely together in order to lead the rest of the cast through a successful performance.

“I also enjoy the fact that being part of the show creates a small family out of those that are in it as all the different departments of cast and crew work together to make something great out of basically nothing but lines on a page,” said Carpio Ron.