Choir Hosts Their Annual Holiday Concert

Sydney Jackson, Editor in Chief The Nestline

With the holiday season around the corner, all five choirs, Sound FX, Chorale, Cantabile, Bella Voice and Forte, are hosting a holiday concert filled with the joy of the holidays portrayed through ten songs, with the addition of live performances from band and orchestra making a special guest appearance.

Christian De la Cruz, the head choir director, describes the concert as a fun non-stop music event. While each choir switches on and off stage, a solo or duet will be performed by choir members, giving the audience full entertainment for four hours. One of the standout songs of the concert is “Let Everything That Has Breath” performed by Chorale. The song contains soulful chords with a strong gospel instrumental that rings strong through this song.

“The gospel piece is really good,” said De la Cruz. “They will have the electric bass, a drum set, and it’s just a beautiful style of singing. The kids sound like adults on it and we work really hard to match that dynamic.”

Similarly to previous performing arts concerts, band, orchestra and choir are performing  together as a musical trio for the holiday concert. The top levels of each performing art will perform together a special piece and the end of the concert, creating a live musical experience. In addition to this concert, the three performing arts will perform the same piece in both the orchestra and band concerts on Dec. 7 and Dec. 9.

“As a surprise at the end we’ll have one song that we’re all learning together and that’ll be at the end of our concert,” said De la Cruz.

Leading up to the concert, rehearsals are every single day during and after the school day. Inside each practice contains a variety of vocal stretches, some including tongue rolling, breathing exercises and the yawn-sigh technique. In addition to in school rehearsals, each choir member practices at home individually.

“We try to do vocal stretches everyday,” said De la Cruz. “It’s part of our daily routine.”

Audiences are to expect a concert filled with the joy of the holiday season with bubbly songs and bright surroundings. The choir holiday concert will take place in the PAC on Dec. 8.