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Business and Finance Classes That Just Make ‘Cents’


As students return from summer break and begin a new course load for the year, many rely on their chosen electives to provide an opportunity to pursue an area that they are interested in. For many students, business and finance classes fill that role. Tompkins offers a great variety of these classes, which have sparked increasing interest among students on campus. Not only are these classes unique electives, but the skills learned in these subjects can be applied to real world situations that students can experience first hand. Shannon Jones, one of the three business teachers who teaches Business Law, Touch Systems Data Entry, and Business Information Management I and II (BIM), believes that choosing to take courses, such as the business ones she teaches, are important for students as they learn to navigate the world.


“Business Law I think is important, because as a citizen of this country, we should know what the laws are and what our rights are. Typing I definitely think is important, because you use it all the time. In BIM, the certifications are what look great on resumes, and also when you go into the work world, if you show that you are a Microsoft Office specialist in multiple softwares, it could possibly get you more money,” said Jones.


Classes such as the ones Jones teaches, as well as finance classes like Dollars and Cents, or Financial Mathematics, are ways that students can build a solid foundation of knowledge about the inner workings of personal finance and business. Senior Emily Wingo is taking the Financial Mathematics class with teacher Robert Ownby, and feels that it will help her to better understand the complexities of managing money.


“As a result of this class, I will become more responsible with my money. A lot of people don’t realize how much goes into taking care of your bank account, and this class really helps with that,” said Wingo.


The material covered in the business and finance classes offered at Tompkins will benefit not only people who wish to be entrepreneurs or finance majors, but also students who wish to gain knowledge and improve upon skills that are essential as they continue on to college or enter into the workforce. Studying the details of Microsoft programs, understanding the laws behind aspects of business, or learning how to manage money in response to economic factors are only a few of the many topics students can benefit from if they commit their time to and have a passion for these courses.


“In typing we obviously do a lot of typing and we work with a program called Typing Master, but I also teach them how to format a letter, a memo, a table and MLA reports. In BIM right now we are going through the word book that we work on together, and then they will do projects on their own. In Business Law, we are doing notes and we will look at different cases that are out there and debate them a little bit,” said Jones.


These courses have created a unique opportunity for all students, freshmen through seniors, to apply what they learn each day to what is occurring in society. Programs on a screen and words in a textbook come to life as students embrace what they learn and use it to influence their lives.


“I decided to take Financial Math, because I figured that since I’m going off to college next year and will be on my own, I should know how to do simple things like write a check or balance a checkbook. I feel like this will give me a good foundation for taking care of my finances when I am an adult,” said Wingo.




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