HOSA: A Gateway to Healthcare

Ella Ray (2020-2021)

Sweat slowly drips from students’ faces as the final buzzer suddenly rings loudly in their ears, allowing HOSA members to win yet another competition. For several years, the health care club HOSA has connected students through participating in team medical competitions and listening to guest speakers with large amounts of medical experience. Although the past year lacked some of these resourceful opportunities, club president, junior Nikita Jayaraj piles up plans to bring them back, determined to return HOSA’s luminescent glow. Jayaraj is aware that the pandemic brought great displacement to the club, but she is also aware that she and her team are able to make this HOSA’s best year yet.


“Ultimately, I believe that with our dedicated sponsor and board of members, we will be able to get back into routine for HOSA,” said Jayaraj.


An important addition to the club that came when they needed it would be new sponsor and Principles of Health Science teacher Amanda King. Jayaraj is especially grateful to King for doing the effort of researching HOSA and its procedures from online and external resources. Because both the advisor and officers are particularly new to the club, teamwork is essential for its success.


“A lot of our officers are new to HOSA as well,” said Jayaraj. “But with each other for support and guidance, we will all help each other manage a successful HOSA chapter.”


Due to King’s arrival, Jayaraj and the rest of the officer board decided to take a more student-led approach in order to help King settle in. Jayaraj firmly believes that the change in dynamic will increase the members’ involvement in HOSA. She also expressed that their participation is one of the main things that keeps the club running.


“We hope to open positions such as ambassadors,” said Jayaraj. “Or allow members of the club to share any of their ideas with the officers.”


Although the competitions are one of the bigger things HOSA is known for, Jayaraj confirmed that they would not be attending any official competitions this year due to the potential overwhelmingness it can cause the new advisor and officers. Nevertheless, Jayaraj is far from discouraged. The officer board has cultivated many enriching alternatives that still give members the experience they have been yearning for.


“We may host mock competitions, introduce competition material, and more,” said Jayaraj. “So students are all able to experience this element of HOSA.”