Student Vaccination: Protecting Our Community


Ella Ray (2020-2021)

The echoes of loud coughs and wheezes in the crowded hallways are heard clearly throughout the campus. COVID has affected over half of the student body last year due to the lack of an official vaccine. However, Main Clinic Aide Beatrice Salazar expresses that since the FDA has approved the vaccine, students and faculty should get vaccinated or at least wear a mask to protect the community as a whole and to be responsible for one another.


“I believe that if the entire body of staff and students were vaccinated, we would prevent the spread of the contagion and thus also save those who are most vulnerable like the young children in homes who are not eligible for vaccination,” said Salazar


Salazar acknowledges that the district treats students’ health as a priority by offering free COVID tests to the entire student population. In fact, Katy ISD strongly recommends that parents register any annual or monthly vaccines that their students may need. Salazar is determined to make all parents aware of the importance of getting vaccinated.


“…on our campus, we try to make parents aware of the importance that nowadays implies that adolescents and young adults are vaccinated to avoid serious medical complications with the virus,” said Salazar.


Katy ISD has had its fair share of unfortunate events caused by the one and only COVID-19 such as half of the student body learning virtually last year and most of the school spirit-filled activities like pep rallies being cancelled. However, Salazar believes that life cannot be replaced with this deserted agenda and students as well as staff can bring a sense of normality back by getting vaccinated. Salazar also implies that getting vaccinated helps the district have more precautionary control over the students and their wellbeing.


“…they see themselves, classes, sports, plays, parties, dance, student meetings, [and] tournaments [are] all…affected [and] suspended [because] [of] [others] believing that [COVID] does not exist,” said Salazar. “Please don’t let your guard down, a pandemic does not end in a year.”