Football Kicks off New Season


Mahee Bhatt, Co-Editor in Chief

Practice begins and the boys are on the field and ready to run a scrimmage. The boys know they will only improve with more practice. Scrimmaging often increases the boys’ understanding of each other, helps them play together better, and read each other on the field.

They run through offensive and defensive plays to make sure they know their positions so they can play well on the field. The boys’ morale grows as they learn to understand the plays. Doing these drills every practice helps them do better at their games.

“Our motto is ‘One More’, everything is about doing one more thing to help us reach our goals,” said varsity football coach Todd McVey. “We do not worry about the outcome, we just focus on the process and everything is about using one more day to the best of its ability and making it count.”

McVey says that their main goal for this year is to follow their motto to their best extent. Rather than letting any day go to waste, the boys wish to take every moment to their advantage to improve their skills and abilities. As there are many large roles to be filled in this year, they are practicing rigorously to ensure that the boys are able to balance their dynamics.

“We didn’t have any spring training last year and their first game was their first game,” said Mcvey. “Having them all back with that experience in the weight room I am excited for this year.”

Due to COVID, the team lost a lot of their practicing hours which distanced them from each other, making it difficult to create the bonds and grow like normal. Though this was difficult for the boys, they have been practicing and hitting the weight room all together to make up for lost time now that everyone is back. Additionally, there are many competitive teams the football team is playing this year.

“We don’t have main teams to beat, we just go one game at a time because if you focus on something besides where your feet are, it’s not going to happen,” said McVey, emphasizing that he hopes that the boys “just keep raising the crimson bar.”

Instead of focusing on one team, the team has decided to broaden their scope and improve, which can help them not only beat one team but many. If they only focus on one specific team this can blur their focus from what they need to make it to the playoffs. In order to make it to the playoffs, the team needs to take advantage of their key players such as seniors Eti-ini Bassey, Bryce Shaink, Cole Francis, and on defense, Sean Dubose.

“My main goal for the year is making it past the 3rd round of playoffs,” said Bassey. “I believe that this year’s team has the potential to do it.”

The team wishes to progress during the playoffs this year and make it as far as they can. With their morale and team effort the team knows that they can accomplish this goal as they continue to raise the ‘crimson bar’.