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Experience Tompkins Talon(t) Show

February 6, 2020 4:05pm | Jack Simpson

The Falcons Got Talon(t) show had students showing off their many talents and competing for first place. All students brought something unique to the table making it difficult for the judges to choose the best. There was also a lip sync battle between teachers, after […]

Region 43 Gulf Coast TSA Competition Results

March 18, 2019 3:02pm | Contributed

Last weekend Tompkins Technology Student Association entered 22 entries into the Region 43 Gulf Coast TSA Competition in Rosenberg.  The results are below.   Neil Lasrado- MODELS architectural- 1st-state qualified Varun Kumar- CAD engineering- 9th national qualified Varun Kumar- CNC/CAM- 1st state qualified Varun Kumar- Single photo […]

The New Amazing Rom-Com: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

September 11, 2018 3:04pm | Vanessa Caceres

As the school year begins, the weekends are when students usually get free time and therefore would be the perfect time to binge watch their favorite shows and movies.  The new Netflix movie called, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, a romantic film by […]

Student Council, Sun Sets on the School Year

April 17, 2018 2:50pm | Drew Van Chau

Student council is currently planning for the end of the year with an array of senior events and are already beginning to plan for the upcoming year’s Homecoming.   “Right now we’re training our new officers for next year by having them plan Homecoming and […]

Tompkins Soccer Battles in Playoffs

April 11, 2018 2:40pm | Payton Chaisson

Tompkins girls’ and boys’ soccer participated in the first two rounds of the state playoffs. Both teams were victorious in each of their first two playoff games. The boys won 4-1 in the first round against Kempner and 2-1 in the second round against Cy […]

Black Friday: Annual Chaos Followed Thanksgiving

November 29, 2017 4:18pm | Samantha Hennig

As friends and families gathered together to celebrate with a delicious feast on Thanksgiving, retail stores prepared for what is known to be one of the craziest shopping days of the year. The hard to beat deals and the thrills of late night shopping is […]

Celebrate the Holidays in a Financially Better Way

November 10, 2017 3:16pm | Samantha Henning

As November rolls in, the holiday season comes into full swing which means shopping for a plethora of gifts and needing funds for many festivities to come.  For many high school teens saving for the holiday season is difficult and is a task that seems […]

They’re “Right Back at It Again”

October 6, 2017 6:03pm | Roque Techera

Octane driven metalcore/pop punk band A Day to Remember made their way back into Houston on Tuesday, Oct. 3, to follow in their tour of their release of the “Bad Vibrations” album; bringing forth the fact that after 14 years of being out and touring […]

Tompkins: An Open Book

October 4, 2017 2:48pm | Drew van Chau

Large footsteps flood the halls. A great clamouring and confusion as those unfamiliar walk the extensive halls into the plentiful rooms, taking the places of their younger counterparts for but a night. Wide eyed, yet watchful of those who oversee their children day in and […]

Business and Finance Classes That Just Make ‘Cents’

September 22, 2017 3:16pm | Rachel DeGroot

As students return from summer break and begin a new course load for the year, many rely on their chosen electives to provide an opportunity to pursue an area that they are interested in. For many students, business and finance classes fill that role. Tompkins […]