New Netflix Documentary Covers Modern Technology


Raegan Ervin, Co-Editor in Chief

The Social Dilemma, a documentary previously released on Netflix this year, brings attention to the dangers of modern technology and how it psychologically messes with people’s everyday lives. In the hour and a half long documentary drama, Tristan Harris raises the question of at what point were ethics and morals lost when it comes to the world of technology. 

The former design ethicist for Google has had first hand experience with the way companies have attained information on the public over the years, and he presents his own concerns on how companies are able to exploit our personal information without any limits or boundaries set. This documentary opens the public’s eye to the real issues and problems in the tech business that have yet to be addressed, and how companies turn a blind eye when it comes to preserving the integrity of their products. 

Social media is considered a crucial advancement to society, yet it blindly controls so many different aspects of people’s lives. What once was used for communication and the sharing of unique thoughts and ideas, has now turned into an outlet for young teens and kids to distract themselves from real life by hiding away in their devices. But teenagers should not be blamed for this attention- grabbing technique designed by these companies. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat, and even little features like notifications are all uniquely designed to keep people on their devices for longer, and keep people from their responsibilities.

The Social Dilemma even addresses the future for technology, and how the more data corporations are collecting from smartphones, the more able they are to create AI type inventions. Through the mass amount of information being recorded, companies can create technology with advanced artificial intelligence. As great as this may seem, it opens up a whole new set of problems and is emphasized as a scary turning point for this generation. The documentary is both a warning and a wake up call for people, and one that should not be forgotten. It is not just an informative movie, it is telling people how they can help change society before it is too late.