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    American Heart Month Arrives
    With February coming it’s time to get ready for American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart health and
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    Jump into Finals Week
    As the race for first semester is coming to an end, quizzes, tests and final projects are being assigned to level out th
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    Take A Trip To The Renaissance
    The Renaissance Festival has been in Texas for years, children have grown up with an experience they can never forget. A
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    Save the Day: One School Lunch at a Time
    Usually when people think of superheroes the first thing to come to mind is Superman or Ironman. But during National Sch
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    Apple releases latest iPhone
    It’s been over a year since Apple has released their latest phone and they’ve come back with new ways to compete wit
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    Managing Life on the Clock
    Every day is a new day of seven class periods and different subjects to learn from. Once the day ends, stacks of study g


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