Student Council, Sun Sets on the School Year


Drew Van Chau

Student council is currently planning for the end of the year with an array of senior events and are already beginning to plan for the upcoming year’s Homecoming.


“Right now we’re training our new officers for next year by having them plan Homecoming and new projects they want to do next year,” said senior Rachana Kataram, president of student council.


The sophomores and juniors that will come in next year to fulfill all of the positions in student council are being trained by going through all of the motions it takes to create such a large event.


“Usually we have to brainstorm before and figure out the logistics of an event like getting dress up days approved,” said senior Sofia Lopez, officer of student council. “We then make posters to hang up in the halls and then the next week we promote it on social media.”


The year is settling down as the end of the school year approaches, but there have been some big changes in student council. Student council sponsor Scarlett Stuckey has gone on pregnancy leave and her position had to be temporarily filled by Tana Weiss and Lisa Miller.


“Not having Mrs. Stuckey around is like not having your mom around to tell you what to do and it has been stressful, but we love and miss her. Mrs. Weiss and Mrs. Miller are very helpful,” said Lopez.


The year is wrapping up and graduation is coming closer, so student council is going out of their way to do a multitude of events. That includes the Senior Sunset, May 22, senior boxes a collection of ten year old fashion trends, April 17, and much more.


“For senior week we have some fun dress up days for the seniors, plus we’re throwing it back ten years by handing out slap bracelets and silly bands,” said Kataram. “We’re also doing senior bingo, where seniors can win prizes.”