Genshin Club Gathers Game Enthusiast


Elaine Liu, Co-Print Managing Editor

Every other Wednesday, Genshin Club members meet in Room 1641 at 2:45 p.m. to share their interest in the action role-playing video game (RPG) Genshin Impact, in which players adopt the role of a traveler searching for their twin sibling in the land of Teyvat. This world showcases a variety of cultures, histories, and environments with a captivating storyline, well-developed character interactions, and stunning graphics, immersing players in a rich gaming experience. Senior Mandy Chen, a co-founder of Genshin Club, most appreciates the exploratory aspect of the game’s vibrant world.

“(I like) all the plants, mushrooms, and flowers you can collect as you travel through the vast world of Teyvat,” said Chen. “Sometimes I like to wander around just gathering things.”

The open world, battles with monsters, and characters to collect ensure players always have a task to complete. Each character (Genshin Impact currently has 58) has an individual weapon based on one of seven elements: Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, Electro, Anemo, Cyro, and Geo. Senior Regina Wu, a co-founder of Genshin Club, started playing the game when it was first released.

“My favorite characters are Keqing, the first 5-star character I got from the game, and Ayaka,” said Wu. “I love both of their designs and personalities.”

Genshin Impact allows for cooperative multiplayer online with up to three guests. However, to obtain this feature, players must first reach Adventure Rank 16, and once players engage in multiplayer play, only the host can interact with chests and other collectibles. Nonetheless, cooperative play still has many advantages and opportunities for teamwork.

“My favorite part about Genshin (Impact) is playing with other people,” said Wu. “I love playing in co-op and helping new players progress through the game.”

At club meetings, members discuss upcoming events in Genshin, their favorite characters, and other unique aspects of the game. Past meetings have included trivia, drawing, and touching Dendro, the game’s newest element. Most importantly, the club gathers many people who share the same passion for Genshin Impact.

“The reason we started this club was because we wanted to connect with other people who also played the game, have a space where we could discuss our interests, and also to just destress after school,” said Wu.