The Grinch Brings Modern Twist to Christmas Classic


Olivia Garrett

With the holiday season approaching, movie goers everywhere are delighted at the large selection of movies premiering. One of these new movies, Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, offers a fresh take on an old favorite. With a much more modern animation style and soundtrack, The Grinch coveys the same lessons of growth and kindness as the original, all while maintaining an atmosphere of Christmas spirit.

The plot of The Grinch is familiar to most, but the movie is anything but boring. The bright colors and lively animation effects keep the audience engaged even while most already know what will happen. The new takes on what Whoville and the Grinch’s cave look like are extremely interesting as the audience gets a new adaptation of their classic favorites. It is incredible to see how far animation has come since the original movie.

Aside from the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who is re-imagined as a sweet young girl with an adventurous spirit followed by her trusty best friend Whits. All the Whos are bright and cheery and possess an infectious Christmas spirit.

Another modernized aspect of The Grinch is the soundtrack. Artists featured throughout the movie include Tyler, the Creator, Brockhampton, and Pentatonix, which is appealing to the younger generation whom these artists are currently popular with. The upbeat songs performed by these artists are full of energy and make it impossible for even the tiredest of parents to sleep through the film.

The Grinch brings generations together as parents bring their kids to see one of their favorite Christmas classics re-imagined and as kids beg to see the movie that will soon become one of their favorites. Just as the parents of the kids today once asked their parents to bring them to see the original movie, kids now can have that same experience.