Abby McKaskle: A Leader of Her Class


Rachel DeGroot

Ideas swirl through senior Abby McKaskle’s head as she settles down to begin working on her newest assignment. Unlike her common class work, McKaskle feels the weight of the entire senior class on her shoulders as she raises the screen of her laptop to begin typing. Being elected for the second year in a row as president for the Class of 2018 has brought on additional responsibilities that McKaskle is tackling with excitement and diligence, the newest of which being writing a letter to the Class of 2018 that will be printed in the program for graduation. This task is not the first important task McKaskle has taken charge of for the senior class and she approaches her position with the hope that she can have a positive impact on her classmates’ experiences.


“My favorite part about being president has been the ability to see behind the scenes in the exciting senior festivities that have been going on this year. Even though prom may seem far away, we have been working on themes, decorations, venues and food for the entire year,” said McKaskle.


In addition to working on creating an unforgettable prom, McKaskle has played a role in graduation, class favorites and much more. McKaskle’s position has allowed her to be personally involved in activities that she will be able to share with her friends, but this is not a change from the high level of involvement she showed in prior years. Her involvement in school functions throughout the course of high school has allowed her to accomplish her responsibilities as president with ease, for she understands the student body well and has further developed her capacity to be a strong leader.   


“I have been involved in many different organizations. During my freshman and sophomore years, I was a small group leader for Cru and a cheerleader on the junior varsity cheer squad where I was captain my sophomore year. Junior year I was involved in junior girls, National Honor Society and was captain of the varsity cheer squad. This year I am also a member of the National Honor Society,” said McKaskle.


Having a foundation beyond every day school work was extremely important for McKaskle and she was able to find her niche in the school through both sports and extracurriculars. This allowed her to experience what high school has to offer aside from course work and stand out among her peers. Being involved, especially as class president, has allowed McKaskle to create memories that will stay with her as she continues on to college, and she encourages others to be just as involved.  


“For anyone asking advice about high school, the first thing that I would suggest would be to get involved as much as possible. Getting involved is the key to expanding the circle of people that you know and is the best way to learn about yourself. Personally, I have learned how interaction with a variety of people can change your attitude and I have learned what it takes to be an effective leader,” said McKaskle.