Black Friday: Annual Chaos Followed Thanksgiving


Samantha Hennig

As friends and families gathered together to celebrate with a delicious feast on Thanksgiving, retail stores prepared for what is known to be one of the craziest shopping days of the year. The hard to beat deals and the thrills of late night shopping is what shoppers looked forward to each year to come.

“Black Friday is one of the greatest shopping days, after spending time with family and friends it was so rewarding to get to splurge a little on some new clothes,” said junior Rodrigo Colunga.

Although the deals called many people’s names, the terrifying stories related to shopping were enough to drive many people away from the shopping malls and in home, away from the insanity.

“I liked to go shopping with my friends after spending a day with my family. This Black Friday, I was out shopping going to several different malls to get a whole new wardrobe when something completely unexpected happened. As I was driving to Target, my car ran out of gas. Luckily, I was pretty close to a gas station, so with the help of some other fellow Black Friday shoppers, I was able to get the gas I needed to continue shopping. I guess I was just so focused going from one deal to the next that I didn’t even realize that I was low on fuel,” said junior Natalie Hoffman.

Many people like Hoffman were oftentimes so consumed in finding deals that they will find themselves in situations they would never envision. Although many do not run out of gas, many witness or sometimes participate in crazy scenarios within the stores.

“I have never gotten into any serious fights about Black Friday deals, but in my three days of deal shopping this year, I witnessed my fair share of scuffles. In Urban Outfitters, there was a sweater that pretty much everyone was on the hunt for and there was only one left. Of course two people went to grab it and both tugged on it separate ways. The fabric got a tear in it and both people then dropped it, not wanting to be accused for stealing it both of them dropped the sweater and ran out. It was funny to watch people get aggressive over a simple article of clothing,” said Colunga.