Celebrate the Holidays in a Financially Better Way

Samantha Henning

As November rolls in, the holiday season comes into full swing which means shopping for a plethora of gifts and needing funds for many festivities to come.  For many high school teens saving for the holiday season is difficult and is a task that seems daunting, but with a few small tips, being able to celebrate the holiday season does not have to be a drain to everyone’s account.

Deciding on doing activities such as Secret Santa, White Elephant or a ‘Friendsgiving’ cuts costs greatly, and friends can still get together over the holidays to celebrate the season. Potlucks are a great option for a party, splitting the meal several ways to cater to the party while also offering an abundance of tasty, homemade dishes. This allows not only for a friend get together, but also for a great way to try new foods with great company. Furthermore, gift exchange games are something that can still provide the excitement and joy in giving and receiving gifts while also allowing for each person to splurge, as they only have to buy one gift. At holiday parties, one can eliminate gifts and do a simple cookie making or holiday-movie watch party. Celebrating with a party with friends is not the only way to get the feeling of spirit during the season.

As fun as it is to hang around friends, giving gifts and eating an array of food, there are other ways to celebrate the holidays that give just as much satisfaction as a holiday party. If you yourself are on a budget, putting time forth to help others in more need can create the holiday joy everyone loves. Many churches, food banks and various other local organizations are in need of volunteers to help out in order for them to make the best holiday season possible for people in need. Churches oftentimes will ask for donations to help create an abundance of gifts for children to have Christmas, even if their financial standings would not permit. Some of these places include the Houston Food Bank, Lunches of Love, Keegan’s Kitchen, and the Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston.