A ComedySportz Match to Remember

Samantha Hennig

The stage filled with colorful lights as the ComedySportz High School League at Tompkins High School ran out for the last hurrah of the season, the faculty game. The ComedySportz team at Tompkins had been practicing and performing throughout Houston since early October. The team travels and performs improv games similar to that of the show, “Whose Line Is It Anyways.” The match on May 9 was different though, the students of Tompkins played against the staff in a new tradition of the faculty versus students game. In the heated battle filled with laughter, the Tompkins Faculty took home a win against the students. On the team of about 15 players, junior Frank Rivera along with Tompkins US History teacher Christina Ferrari have found a passion for the ComedySportz faculty match.

“I love ComedySportz because the fanbase is constantly growing and more people are enjoying coming out to see what our team has in store,” said Rivera.

The team plays once a week throughout the year and has developed a small fanbase that comes to the game with an undeniable enthusiasm that helps fuel the energy in the game. The basis of ComedySportz is centered around the audience; what the audience suggests and laughs at is what the team works with.

“I initially joined when one of my students, Frank River, hounded me. He was insistent that I join,” said Ferrari.

All teachers, amongst other faculty, had the opportunity to join the team. Whether it be as they wanted to or if their students were persistent on it. A total of 10 teachers got the opportunity to be on the team, some playing for the all faculty team.

“The faculty match is special because it is a special bond between the teachers and students. Being able to teach the teachers the game is fun for all the players to take part in,” said Rivera.

Prior to the match, the faculty was taught the basics of the game by the students and coaches of ComedySportz. They got fun nicknames and learn how to be quick on their feet to ensure that the match runs smoothly.

“I enjoyed not only getting the opportunity to interact with my kids in a different setting but getting to see them be themselves, and shine in a way that I don’t get to see in classroom,” said Ferrari.

The faculty enjoyed seeing students they are with everyday in a different environment. The match was one filled with puns, laughter and an audience that loved every part of the event. The faculty team won with their quick wit, making the night’s events even more