Spiking Her Way to Success: Katelyn Finch


Olivia Garrett

“My sister played when I was about 6 and I would always go to her practices. I would go on a separate court and serve carts of balls for hours. I started my first year of club at 7. I now play club volleyball at Texas Tornados on 17 Mizuno. As a freshman coming onto varsity two school years ago, part of me was nervous, but I was ready to help the team excel in any way I could. Some of my best friends are seniors and were in the 2016 graduating class, they have guided me and grown with me. I wouldn’t be the same person and volleyball player without these girls! These girls became my instant group of best friends! We love each other through thick and thin and I think that really impacts us on the court. Volleyball is one of those things that is just a part of me. Even playing about half my life I still get that giddy feeling before every match I play. I have a desire to win and love the feeling volleyball brings me. My favorite part of the sport is achieving goals and winning games with my best friends. . I know that volleyball is just a sport but to the players it is way more than that. Volleyball has taught me responsibility, work ethic and most importantly aligned me with some lifelong best friends.”