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Sneeze into Allergy Season


As winter season comes to a close, the birth of  flowers and trees are starting to sprout,   and the sun is shining bright . Not only does it bring the beauty of spring, but it brings the disaster of allergy season.

Allergy season usually occurs year round, but it is worse towards the end of winter and through early spring. It can start early depending how the pollen levels are at the time.

Nurse Janna Gremillion believes that allergy season does affect people significantly. People that have allergies tend to face difficulties during this time

“When we come into contact with the pollen, Some symptoms that we can have it watery eyes, cough, nausea, itching throat, and runny nose ,” said Gremillion.

Pollen is a very fine powder that is used to fertilize other plants and is  produced by various plants such as trees, flowers,grasses and weeds. The types of pollen that are present are Cedar Tree ,Ragweed, Grass and Birch. The pollen usually release tons of little grains into the air and are scattered by the wind.

When symptoms arise, It is recommended to be moving to make sure your body is active and also there is medication that you can take to relieve your allergies such as, Zyrtec and Benadryl,” said Gremillion. “ There is no way of avoiding allergy season, even if we want to .”

With allergy season on its way it can bring the worst in symptoms. Taking precautions is very crucial because we can avoid the worst part of being in contact with pollen.

Some things you can do to relieve allergy symptoms is using a neti pot which can help flush congestion, changing the air filters of your house to prevent dust flying around, and also to eat healthy by consuming fruits and vegetables to build the immune system.


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