Tompkins’s Band Advances to Area


Rachel Bregnard

In perfect union, the dancers’ bodies twirled and spun. Flags of every shape and size soared across the indigo sky, creating a hurricane of color with every careful movement. With each rise and fall of the dancers’ instrument, the surrounding band bellowed out a series of notes. The beat suddenly shifted and cued the musicians to change marching positions. Over a hundred students circled varying patches of grass and smoothly turned, their lips still firmly pressed against the opening of their instrument. As the music slowed and eventually came to a halt, the Tompkins High School marching band’s performance was celebrated by an onslaught of applause.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Tompkins High School marching band advanced to area. Upon their arrival at the Katy ISD Legacy Stadium, the band was faced with 25 different bands from nearby schools. However their head band director, Stephen Bond, assured the students there was nothing to fear. The directors started planning the performance last November. Over the summer, they gave members of the marching band the sheet music to practice at home. During the school year, students rehearsed three days every week after school.

“We even taught incoming freshmen how to march so we could prepare for next year’s performance,” said Bond.

After the final performance finished, the judges announced the results. Tompkins was one of the five Katy ISD schools to advance to the prelims. Lead by drum majors like senior Matthew Lucas, the marching band and color guard completed the second performance. Though their performance did not advance the band to state, their hard work was awarded 18th place in the finals.

“I’m disappointed we did not make state, but I thought it was a good performance and I’m proud of our school,” said Lucas.

With the recent results of the contest, the band directors have decided on several changes. There will be an increase in drills and rehearsals will become restructured. Additionally, there will be better use of time management in the upcoming production of next year’s competition.

“Next year’s performance will be completely restructured to give the audience the best performance possible,” said Bond.