Leap Into Fall


Kylie Wakulat

Crossing the threshold of the studio doors, the smell of sweat and body spray still cling to the air. The music of the next class coming in sits in the player waiting for the command to begin. Coach Rosey Fortenberry is already beginning her stretch routine while the girls file into the dressing rooms to change. Once they all emerge, the music begins.

The dance department works hard every year to put on shows that entertain the audience and make the dancers feel good about what they put on the stage. The first show of the year is their fall show entitled Movement and Motion.

“In preparation to actually learning the choreography set for the show we have to train and condition them in ballet, contemporary and modern dance, and in order for them to really be prepared,” Fortenberry said.

All four of the regular dance classes perform in the show, and there will also be solos and an ensemble being performed by the Crimson Cavalettes. Out of the four dance classes there will be five dances since the dance team training class has a total of 62 students. Each dance learned takes about a week to learn and get familiar with the choreography. The remainder of the time, they spend learning formation and cleaning up the dance so it is ready for an audience.

“We’ve been working really hard on the dances and learning all of the choreography. I love all of the dances we have prepared and I’m excited to see the audience’s reaction,” freshman Katelynn Howard said.

The show Movement and Motion will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 at 7 p.m in the PAC.

“I’m excited to see the hard work we have put into these dances be performed on the mainstage,” Fortenberry said.