24 Hours in the PAC

Kylie Wakulat

On Friday September 9, 2016, just thirty minutes after the end of school, the Tompkins Theatre Company locked their doors with over three fourths of the company kept inside… Falcon Night Flight Theatre was beginning.

“It was a really fun experience. Stressful, but fun,” says Sophomore Loughlin Douglas.

The fourth annual of its kind, Night Flight is a lock-in hosted by the Tompkins Theatre Booster Club where member of the company spend twenty four hours writing, directing, and performing a ten to fifteen minute skit pertaining to a certain theme. This year’s theme was puns and parodies. With over 200 people attending this year, the groups were large and the skits extravagant with costumes, makeup, and props, brought in by the members.

“The energy was infectious, because everyone was running around trying to get their work done before deadline,” says Senior Fiona Jenkins.

From three o’clock on Friday to three o’clock on Saturday they used their vision to create a skit that was performed in front of an audience, and featured awards.

The Falcon Night Flight Theatre is a tradition that will continue on to leave a legacy for future Falcons.