Have a Jingle Jam Christmas


Ella Hummeldorf

“Jingle Bell Rock” blasts down the street as the marching band walks down the road. The band directors talk to one another to decide what song to play next. As the band finishes the song, the dummers bang on their drums to continue the tempo. Children come outside and clap along to the drums. Head band director Stephen Bond motions for everyone to halt. The entire band turns to face a house. The residents had bought a concert, meaning the band would play Christmas music in front of their home. The band plays their three songs, says Merry Christmas, then continue marching down the street while playing short tunes. The entire band has warm clothing on, like sweaters and gloves, as well as a red and white Christmas hat or a festive cap.

“Jingle Jam is a fundraiser, but it is more of a fun way to spread Christmas cheer to others,” said Bond.

During the winter months,Tompkins Band focuses on winter music and Christmas songs for Jingle Jam. They have about two rehearsals after school and during the different classes of band, the students practice as a band together. The band ends marching season just before winter season, so the students still remember how to march and the fundamentals of being in a parade in a unified manner.

“We take two rehearsal days to prepare, the first practice is only for learning the Christmas themed music, the second rehearsal day we learn how we need to march and stay in the formation” said sophomore Emma Steble.

The band performs a variety of “jazzy” and fun music during Jingle Jam. Some of the songs they performed this year were “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. The band performed Christmas songs for concerts and while marching they played short tunes like Christmas jingles or trios of different Christmas songs.
“My favorite song that we are performing this year is ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’,” said sophomore Madison Schaper.

Most students like Jingle Jam and the Christmas season because of the happiness it brings to others and how fun the Christmas music can be. Even though the weather may be cold and almost everyone’s feet hurt after marching for a long time, at the end of Jingle Jam people have more holiday cheer.

“It was amazing,” said senior Jessica Scheffler, “It was a nice surprise coming home and it really got me into the Christmas spirit.”