Varsity Tennis Wins District


Samyuta Rajagopalan

Tompkins varsity tennis had their hard work pay off when they won District on Oct. 2.

Varsity boys coach Joshua Martinez and varsity girls coach Craig Mason have coached the tennis team to success, resulting in their district win. The team started preparing during the first week of August by playing at their Non-District and District matches and are now ranked 16th in the state.

“A lot of the motivation comes from the students on the team as they have to be motivated enough to be the top in the state,” said Martinez.

Sophomore Austin Xu played a double and a single match at the District game. He has been playing tennis since the fourth grade and is glad that he was able to celebrate this victory with his teammates.

“It felt good when we won,” said Xu. “It was the first time that I have experienced this, so it felt really special.”

The Bi-District tournament took place on Oct. 16 against Fort Bend Dulles. The results are below.


Doubles events winners:

Alex Wang/Grant Shim

Mihir Amte/Austin Xu

Charlie Kuchler/Michael Han

Chloe Mason/Cami Smith

Ava Melaerts/Gayathri Rajesh

Nathalia Ciliberto/Isabella Goel

Akash Melachuri/Emily Reeves


Singles events winners:

Akash Melachuri

Alex Wang

Austin Xu