Boys and Girls Swimmers are State Bound

Sydney Jackson, Editor in Chief The Nestline

After months of vigorous competition and practice, the girls and boys swim team has advanced to the state championship meet, reaching their goal of regional championship. 

The regional competition brought four new school records for regional championship: four relays, tied with Seven Lakes from most for district wide, and nine individual swimmers: Aaron Tran – 100 backstroke; Boys Medley Relay: Tran, Gray, Wang, Haddad; Boys 400 Freestyle Relay Solomon, Gray, Tran, Wang; Girls 400 Freestyle Relay Musselman, Jury, Szucs, LaBrose. In addition to this great accomplishment, all of the swimmers that made it to regionals were A-Finalists, championship finalists that placed first through 8th place. 

Last Dec., head coach of both the boys and girls swim team, Kate Sweeso, shared her hopes of making it to the regional championship, hoping to eventually to move forward to state competition. Last year during the regional competition, the boys Freestyle Relay were extremely close, but lost by one and a half points to Seven Lakes.

“We lost regionals last year, so we’re hoping, we’re hoping to you know[ that we win this year ], it’d be really cool to win that,” said Sweeso previously.” “But, we’ll see. Fingers crossed!”

Winning their goal of regional championship for not only boys Freestyle Relay, but five other events as well, gave both the boys and girls teams an added boost of optimism for the possibilities of a state championship win. Anna Szcus, a 400 relay swimmer within the state team is extremely proud of the team for making it this far. 

“I think we all worked so hard and put all of our effort into qualifying for state, so I think we all are really excited,” said Szcus. This will be the 8th consecutive year that the swim team will be going to state, making them the top 1 percent of swimmers in the state. The swim team for the 2023 state team at Austin on Feb. 17 and 18 are: Carter Gray – 200 IM, 100 Breast, 200 Medley Relay, 400 Free Relay, Aaron Tran – 100 Back, 200 Medley Relay, 400 Free Relay. Jason Wang – 200 Medley Relay, 400 Free Relay, Emmanuel Haddad – 200 Medley Relay, 400 Free Relay Alt, Logan Solomon – 400 Free Relay, 200 Medley Relay Alt, Ava LaBrose – 400 Free Relay, Jordan Musselman – 400 Free Relay, Katelyn Jury – 400 Free Relay, Anna Szucs – 400 Free Relay, Hope Kungu – 400 Free Relay Alt, Maggie Davis – 400 Free Relay Alt, Hope Kungu – 400 Free Relay Alt, Maggie Davis – 400 Free Relay Alt, Zayden Bach – 200 Medley Relay Alt, 400 Free Relay Alt, Ethan Lin – 200 Medley Relay Alt, 400 Free Relay Alt.