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What To Expect This Upcoming Season: Tompkins Wrestling

Ben Sanchez
The wrestling team is working their approaches to tackling during practice. The team is focusing on becoming stronger both individually and together.

Wrestling is a prestigious program that works hard to further their students physically and mentally. With the upcoming season beginning Tompkins has a lot in store for this year. While many teams define success as ribbons or trophies Head Coach, Samuel Herriman has a different outlook.   

   “Success for our program is continuous improvement and hard work.  Having our athletes work hard is an expectation established early in our season and reinforced daily not just in wrestling but in school as a student as well,” said Coach Herriman.   

   As the season begins, the team already has standards and goals for this year and team in general. This team requires dedication to the sport as they practice for long hours and requires dedication mentally as they practice for success. Coach Herriman touches on what wrestling practice looks like and the goals that keep the team.   

   “Our plan is to teach basic wrestling techniques and try and get those basics to become part of our wrestler’s muscle memory.  We practice daily and occasionally on Saturday,” said Coach Herriman. “As I stated earlier, our goals are hard work and consistent improvement.”  

   Being able to support a team is expensive, many teams fundraise at the beginning of the year to be able to support the team as its season begins. Coach Herriman describes some of the ways that the wrestling team works to support their team.   

   “We raise funds through various fundraisers like working at concessions for our football games and others,” said Coach Herriman.   

   Making a successful team requires a lot of work, and a lot of roles and parts. The wrestling team has a Head Coach, Herriman, along with two assistant coaches, Timothy Stoll and Yardley Hill. Assistant Coach Stoll digs deeper into what his role is on the Wrestling team and how his role contributes to this team.   

“As the assistant coach my role is to support the head coach. I currently run the strength and conditioning portion of the training and assist the head coach in instructional techniques,” said Coach Stoll.   

   While Coach Stoll handles the strength and conditioning, Coach Hill focuses more hands- on with the wrestlers themselves.   

     “I am assistant coach under Coach Herriman’s command. I have more of a hands-on role: teaching and correcting technique, coaching the wrestlers in their matches and spending time with the wrestlers to gain their confidence,” said Coach Hill.   

The wrestling team requires a lot of mental strength and ability to push oneself, Coach Stoll describes the roster for this year’s upcoming season and the two teams; JV and Varsity.   

“We currently have approximately 43 athletes that are on the roster, our rosters are made up of 14 wrestlers with 14 different weight classes, one for each wrestler. The girls have 12 weight classes. We currently have a varsity Boys and Girls team and a small girls JV team of approximately 4 and a full JV Boys team of 14. Both teams have a period dedicated specifically to them and then we all come back together in the afternoon for afternoon training and conditioning 5 days a week,” said Coach Stoll.    

   As wrestling is a technical sport, Hill discusses the philosophy of the team, and how they can transform you into a wrestler even without a lot of knowledge of the sport.   

   “Our team philosophy is that no skill is required to join the team, we want as many wrestlers as we can get! We all believe so strongly that in the skills and lessons the sport of wrestling takes we don’t want to deny anyone, and technique and skill can be learned. The sport of wrestling teaches and reinforces necessary life skills such as discipline, work ethic, sacrifice, advantages and disadvantages as well as various techniques which can be used in self-defense,” said Coach Hill.   

Wrestling requires many qualities and can just as well as be a mental sport as physical, Stoll touches on some of the traits wrestling requires, and similar qualities he finds most wrestlers possess.    

“You must have a willingness to push yourself beyond your physical and mental limits to be a wrestler. However, you do not need to come in the wrestling program with experience just a willingness to follow the process, we teach the experience. One just needs the drive and determination not to quit,” said Coach Stoll. “The qualities of a Falcon wrestler are fearless, Agile, Loyal, Courageous, Optimistic and Never give up.”   

Coach Stoll also goes onto describe that he feels wrestlers share the same key to success in wrestling.   

“I think they all have a willingness to learn and to want to be a champion,” said Coach Stoll.  

As the new season begins, new measurements have been added to succeed and strive for an even better season than the previous one. Coach Stoll describes some new things being added this year, and how the wrestler team has changed some techniques for the betterment of the team’s overall success and leadership.   

“We have changed the training structure and the strength and conditioning this year to help the athletes be more successful on the mat,” said Coach Stoll, “As far of wrestlers there are no changes, however, we have added a leadership team of peers this year for servant leadership,” said Coach Stoll.   

As Hill is the only returner coach this upcoming season, he reflects on last year’s season, and how he feels the team has changed for the better.   

“Being the only returning coach from last year I can honestly say that I am very proud of the successes and growth our Falcon wrestlers enjoyed last year. With new leadership comes changes and I can confidently say these changes are good. Our team has a new attitude, swagger if you will, and I believe that it will translate into success on the mat,” said Coach Hill.   

As for this season and what to expect, there are many returners and wrestlers that are hoping to gain scholarships this year for wrestling. Head Coach Herriman names several of the returning wrestlers for this season.   

 “Several of the wrestlers are coming back from last season who will be very competitive this year, Matteo Nikolov, Diego Lopez, Phoenix Semmes, Becky Hernandez and Irini Petritsis to name a few,” said, Head Coach Herriman, “We are hopeful to have college scholarships for our seniors at the conclusion of our season for those who wish to compete at that next level.”   

Last year’s performance was a great achievement and as the team thinks about success, wrestling is focusing on State already. Coach Stoll explains what is to be determined further down the season.   

“We are hoping to take 5 to 6 wrestlers this year to the state qualifier, so that is TBD,” said Coach Stoll.   

Coach Hill digs deeper into state and the returners who have the chance to qualify for Tompkins.   

“We have two returning wrestlers who qualified to wrestle in state. Tournament last year: a Senior, Matteo Nikolov, and a Junior, Diego Lopez. We also have some wrestlers returning who made great strides last year and are working towards earning the right to participate in the state tournament. Just to name a few, We have juniors Tommy Orrendorf, Neni Petritsis, and Phoenix Semes. We have also greatly expanded the number of wrestlers in our program,” said Coach Hill.  

As Tompkins Wrestling starts up, and the excitement begins. Make sure to go visit and cheer on the hardworking wrestlers as they get ready for the start of their season.   

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