From Tompkins to Germany


Drew Van Chau

This summer junior Aditi Prabhu will be going on an all-expense paid trip to Germany through the National German Exam for High School Students sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German after she scored within the 96th percentile on the level three 2018 test.


“It is a study trip so when I go, I get to go to their schools and see what it is like,” said Prabhu. “I get to go to school with them and then we go on an excursion to Berlin. We go and sightsee all of these things with the host family.”


Prabhu will be hearing about what host family and what city she will be staying in during May. She is one of the 44 students selected nationwide to receive this award. The trip is made possible through grants from the German government.


“I have heard that learning languages by immersion is a lot more effective than learning it in a classroom so hopefully I will learn some slang,” said Prabhu.


In her third year of German, Prabhu plans to continue onto German 4 next year and will hopefully become fluent through her trip and German 4.


“I am pretty hyped for it, I did not expect to get this award, but it is pretty cool that I did,” said Prabhu.