Making Mulch Count: Tompkins Band Fundraiser

Making Mulch Count: Tompkins Band Fundraiser

Rachel DeGroot

After an unusually cold winter, residents of the Katy area are looking forward to a warm spring and the vibrant flowers and green budding trees that accompany the change of season. Not only is this a time to embrace the growth that spring brings, but for many, it is a time to haul out the rakes and shovels and prepare their yards for a new season. One necessity in updating a lawn is laying down new mulch, and the Tompkins Band has tailored a fundraiser to this purpose.


“The mulch fundraiser is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. We sell mulch by the bag from Living Earth, so the quality is really good. We also deliver it to anyone within the Tompkins attendance zone,” said Head Band Director Stephen Bond.


Fundraising is an important part of the band program, especially as the number of members participating in the program increases with each passing year.The mulch fundraiser is paired with the mum sales during Homecoming season to make up the biggest way that the band collects funds. Just as with many sports or fine arts programs, participating students must pay fees at the start of the year, but this does not cover the costs for all the events and items needed to form a stand out marching show. Therefore, the band relies on the money raised from fundraisers that benefit students and the community.


“The money raised from this fundraiser helps to pay for many of the costs of running the band, including additional instruction and equipment,” said Bond.


The band members who will be benefiting from the proceeds earned during the fundraiser play a major role in the process. Students not only spread the word about the mulch sales, but also work to distribute the mulch to the households who ordered mulch. Knowing that this fundraiser will help the program that they love, the students are excited to aid in the process and make memories along the way.


“[The fundraiser] is something that a lot of the band looks forward to. You get to help your band, help others out by delivering the mulch, and create some really good memories with friends,” said senior Charlie Rissky, band member.  

Those interesting in purchasing mulch can do so through the band’s website ( Sales will take place until March 16 and deliveries will take place on March 24.