Naviance: A Guide to Everything About College


Tyler Olmo

As the world constantly evolves and reinvents itself through the plethora of technology available, one would expect to see that technology utilized in ways that would best benefit every integral part of our society, including education. Naviance happens to represent a way for students to better prepare themselves for their futures through the use of a technology that can understand one’s interests and passions. As technologies such as Naviance continue to evolve, one can only expect for students to have vast amounts of resources available to them to help plan their futures.

“My favorite features in Naviance are the resume builder and the career research tools.  Students can start using the resume builder to track activities as early as 9th grade,” said counselor Kristel Green. “Also, the career research tools are great for matching your personality and interests with potential careers.”

Naviance features many tools that can help students through their transition from high school to college. Features such as the resume builder allows students to keep track of all activities they are involved in and allows them to create a resume that is easy and accessible to colleges that might interest them. The website provides students with tools that can assist students in finding professions and careers that are best suited for them based on their particular interests and characteristics.

“This year, seniors will be able to use Naviance to request transcripts electronically.  In the past, transcript request forms were filled out on paper.  Seniors might also be interested in filling out the new ‘Student Profile’ and ‘Parent Interview’ surveys under the ‘About Me’ tab.  The information from these surveys will be useful for anyone writing a letter of recommendation,” said Green.

The ability to create profiles and incorporate parents allows for students to use their own characteristics to match themselves to programs that fit their personality. Naviance was discussed at the senior parent night on Thursday, Sept. 14, with the counselors.

“I am hopeful that Naviance will be widely used by students in all grades.  Suggested activities include researching colleges and careers, building a resume, requesting transcripts for college applications, and viewing your current GPA. I hope that all of these are further integrated in to the everyday lives of students,” said Green.