Let the Hair Speak About the Soul


Giulia Campos

How each person styles their hair can say so much about them. Whether their hair is jet black or neon green, pixie cut or hip length, others will always generate their own assumptions based on their visual perceptions. It is a natural tendency and everyone is subject to it and, since hair is such a vivid aspect of a person’s appearance, it inherently becomes part of their identity.


“I describe my style as being very influenced by what I like. I am very inspired by streetwear and a lot of the people that I follow on Twitter live all over the world so I incorporate what they wear into my style and my hair colors,” freshman Paige Allison said.

Freshman Paige Allison’s hair is heavily influenced by what she likes. PHOTO BY JAMI DOUGLAS

Hair has reached such importance that people spend hours and in some instances, thousands of dollars in order to find the style that will best represent their age, gender, fashion and personality. When someone is trying to make a statement or present a change in their lives, the hair is usually the first physical aspect they will alter to indicate a new phase in their life.


In an interview for youbeauty.com, Viren Swami, Ph.D., psychologist at the University of Westminster in London and YouBeauty Attraction Expert said that because hair is so malleable, it can give people a feeling of control over their bodies that they do not otherwise have.


In fact, throughout history, hair has been taken as a form of strength and vitality giving people more confidence and allowing them to express their feelings and send a message to society.


“I have had several hair colors before and it is a very in the moment thing. I have never really planned a hair color, I just buy the dye the day before and then I do it. I feel like if I dwell on it too much I will end up overthinking it and giving up,” said Allison. “I love doing my own thing so the colors I chose just became more and more unique and something that I have not seen on anybody else before.”


Like people, their hair is just experimenting, growing and changing as the years go by and it is up to each individual to do whatever pleases them the most. Let the language of their hair be whatever makes them feel the most content.


“I think I started off with the blue because I felt that it was very different and that is what I strive to be, just different,” Allison said. “I later found out about this new brand of dye and they had a shade of yellow and orange I had never seen before so it really interested me. But my hair colors do not usually mean too much, it is just what I think will look cool and stand out.”