Try-outs Settle Cheer Team For Next Year




On Thursday, March 16, forty girls tried out for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity cheerleaders at OTHS.  These ladies had to learn two band dances, two chants, and one long cheer

They first try out alone in front of three NCA judges showing off their jumps, tumbling skills and their cheer and then they re–enter the gym to perform with a group of four candidates the chants and band dances.  These band dances and chants were played at random for the candidates in order to test their memory skills and attentiveness to detail in different drum cadences etc.

These judges scored all 40 candidates throughout the entire process and created the scale.  Unlike other sports, cheer does not get to score the candidates or choose the roster. They simply look at the math behind the scores and see where the largest break is.

Please congratulate the following girls:


Kerigan Boudreaux

Ashlyn Bryant

Kayla Cantu

Maycie Degenhardt

Madi Hayes

Vivian Pham

Claire PreJean

Amy Rhea

Ema Rhea

Delaney Waid

Junior Varsity

Maya Aigner

Lian Cook

Cierra DeCuire

Hannah Fisher

Elise Gannon

Kealy Groff

Chloe Kratz

Maggie Oaks

Lilly Rodriguez

Alexis Ruffin

Natalie Waid