Amy Frey


Yazmin Luna


“This is my fourth year at Tompkins and my eleventh year teaching. Being a charter member of the staff and having the opportunity to open a new school was a fascinating process. The changes that have occurred on campus in just four years are mind-boggling; it’s hard to believe that just four years ago, there were only 800 students here. One of the most exciting things for me, as a teacher, has been working with campus groups and organizations as they grow. Part of my job here at Tompkins has been to start the UIL academic team, which is a competitive event that encompasses over 20 different academic contests. When we started out, we only had freshmen and sophomores, but the contests covered physics and calculus, so we were at a big disadvantage. As the school has grown, however, we have become more competitive. Last year, we were second in our district and had our first academic state medalist. I’ve also been really lucky to work with the Tompkins debate and academic decathlon teams, which are highly competitive in the state. I love working with students who are intellectually curious and dedicated—I’m still amazed every weekend when I look around the room at a competition and realize how many teenagers decided to get up early, put on a suit and spend the day developing their academic skills. It never fails to impress me.”