OTHS Competes in Different Languages



Several OTHS students competed on Saturday at the Farrington Language competition in Spring Branch ISD.

The following students were recognized for their achievements:


Level 1: Audrey Hidajat, Leann Kuchler (3rd place), José Hernandez-Balsamo (2nd place)

Level 2: Jerzy Nowakowski, Aditi Prabhu (2nd place), Fiona Devlin (1st place)

Level 3: Cole Thompson, Dylan Hennig (2nd place), Jelena Salvador (1st place)

German 1 winners: Audrey Hidajat (contestant) unknown student, unknown student, Jose Hernandez-Balsamo (2nd), Leann Kuchler (3rd)
German 2 winners: unknown student, unknown student, unknown student, Aditi Prabhu (2nd), Fiona Devlin (1st)
German 3 winners: unknown student, Dylan Hennig (2nd), Jelena Salvador (1st)


Level 1: Madison Carroll, Madelyn Huynh, Anoushka Ramesh

Level 2: Colin Weil, Zayan Ali, Samantha Jensma (honorable mention)

Level 3: Daniela Flores, Zayra Garza (2nd place)

Level 4: Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan (3rd place), Audrey Liu (honorable mention), David Odusote


Level 1: Vibhuti Sharma (3rd place)


Level 1: Elizabeth (Liz) Christie (1st place)

Level 2: Kerigan Boudreaux (2nd place)

Level 3: Christabel Martey (2nd place)

Emma Greffe (honorable mention)