Christian Wood


Kylie Wakulat

“I started drawing when I was around 6 years old. When I was 6 I was obsessed with everything Star Wars, so one day I decided to attempt to draw a Clone Trooper. The first one that I drew obviously came out rough, so I just kept on drawing the same Clone Trooper over and over, until it actually started to look like an actual Clone Trooper. I just perfected my technique and branched out to drawing other things.I mainly use pen and paper when I do art. Occasionally I drift to paint since that is the main component I use in theatre when working on productions. I use other mixed media, but I never draw anything with computers, because I am not good at that yet.I get my inspiration mainly from other people. Sometimes I ask people if there are any characters that they want me to draw. Other times I look at how I am feeling or how the world is, and I draw that. The best inspiration can come from within, which I take to heart.I would not say this is something that I would want to pursue as a career, since art is one of the hardest careers to secure and build. It is a lot like being an actor or comedian, because you do not receive regular pay. It does not depend on the amount of gigs or commercials you book, but the number of pieces you sell and exhibit. If it were possible to make a living off of art, I would love to make it my career.”