Jami Douglas


Rachel DeGroot

“I didn’t grow up in a super strict Christian home, but there was some structure. We went to church every Sunday and my dad was a pastor, and everything was picture perfect. We were the stereotypical family with bickering, fights and sibling rivalries, but whenever I was in the seventh grade my parents got divorced. It’s still a healing process to this day. They ended up getting officially divorced, and then my mom married the guy that she had an affair with. Then my mom had a kid. I never thought I would have a little sister, but I love her now and she is super precious. There was still a lot of drama and things that aren’t going to go away just because that is how life is going to be. Then when I was a sophomore, my house was raided by the police and there was this FBI investigation going on about my dad. I had no idea what any of this stuff was, but now my dad is serving his time in jail, and when he gets out he will probably be on ten years probation. I think the things that I have gone through have made me into the person that I am, and I think because of that, I’m a super mature person, and I’m ready to just take life by the horns and move on.”


-Senior Jami Douglas