Drivers, Bikers Take Precaution

Drivers, Bikers Take Precaution

Samyuta Rajagopalan

Students get to and leave school in a variety of different ways. Some students go by bus or car while others walk or ride their bike to school. Tompkins High School has certain rules for people to follow so that everyone is safely able to arrive and leave school.

Bikers tend to speed up with hopes that cars will make way for them. This is dangerous because sometimes cars do not see that a biker is crossing in front of them. Other times, cars do not follow the speed limit when they are near school. This is equally as dangerous because when driving faster than the speed limit, drivers may not be in a position to stop and let bikers cross, which could lead to potential accidents for the driver and the biker.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, bikers and drivers should always stop for lights. They should slow down on the road or on the sidewalk and while making a turn into and out of school. Also, drivers should make sure to use proper signaling.

“Drivers should be aware by watching out for students who bike and walk. They should also follow the speed limit rules so that they don’t cause accidents,” crossing guard Brigitte Stumm said.

Stumm directs and controls traffic near the school. She ensures that bikes and walkers are able to cross the main road safely while also ensuring the safety of drivers. She gives her advice on how bikers should be safe.

“Bikers should make sure they get off their bike while crossing the road and should always be aware of what is going on around them. If they don’t do this, they could hurt themselves and potentially others as well,” Stumm said.

While directing traffic, Stumm also notices when people are unsafe on the road. She sees bikers and drivers not making a good enough effort to pay attention to each other. However, if they take high precaution, especially when they are on or close to school property, then the number of injuries and accidents will decrease.

“When bikers and drivers take precautions to be safe, it promotes a positive and secure environment, decreasing the risks of accidents, collisions and harms,” biker,sophomore Varshita Aripaka said.