Chester Hahn


Sandra Sadek

“I’m coming from the field of mechanical engineering and got my degree from Texas A&M. I switched to teaching because I really wanted to work with high school aged students, to help them learn about engineering and the different concepts as well as other skills like being able to communicate both in writing and speaking by transferring all the experience I’ve learned in the private world and bring it into the classroom to help the next generation, since I love working with young people. My goal for this year is to do real, hands-on projects that directly correlate with real life applications. By doing these projects, students gain skills that they will need later on once they get into college, and once they get into a profession. I want to do a lot of creative, interactive projects that challenge the students, help them exercise their brain, push them farther than they thought they could go, and come up with some really cool solutions to real problems that we are facing, because that is what engineering is all about.” – Hahn