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Tompkins Tries New Final Exemption System

November 18, 2020 4:10pm | Alkhatab Mizyed

        2020 has been different, and although this school year has been different from what the students are used to, exams are in a month. Students need to start thinking about exams, and make sure they are eligible for exemptions. This year exemptions are different and […]

Tompkins FFA Northwest District LDE Results

November 9, 2020 3:53pm | Contributed

For the first time in FFA history the event was held virtually, which is very difficult especially when you are trying to speak clearly through face masks, Zoom, and still carry out a strong presentation.  FFA members continue to amaze the Ag teachers and are […]

Climate Change Changes

October 21, 2020 2:57pm | Matias Simionato

The effects of Climate change can lead to our annihilation, and is an issue that persists even in the 21st Century. However when the quarantine first started and people stopped going outdoors, nature had a brief breath of fresh air. The rivers in Venice began […]

America Experiences a Coin Shortage

September 30, 2020 9:06pm | Vanessa Caceres

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected normalcy for everyone around the world. Empty stadiums where crowds would cheer on their favorite sports team, to restaurants filled up with the sound of conversation and laughter, this universal disease has had a great impact on a day to […]

Small Business

September 28, 2020 3:28pm | Ella Ray

A slight frown appeared on sophomore Elsa Joy’s face as she realized how much trouble younger students were having suffering with learning their material online, so she decided to create a small business, Project Scholar, that would help students during COVID-19. Joy’s biggest inspiration to […]

KVA and In Person Learning Divides Tompkins

September 10, 2020 2:38pm | Rachel Bregnard

In the wake of COVID-19, educational institutions throughout the country are tasked with a difficult decision: online or in person instruction. Tompkins High School, like the majority of schools within the district, are providing students with the choice to attend Katy Virtual School or return […]

Political convention viewers and their opinions on the upcoming election

September 10, 2020 2:21pm | Tristan Beach

As election day nears, candidates need that final push to pull as many people to their side as possible. With both the RNC and DNC raking in millions of viewers and three times the money, it’s virtually impossible to predict which convention gave which candidate […]

Navigate the Checkout and Return Process of Items

May 7, 2020 7:06pm | Nicole Ruopp

Governor Abbott issued an executive order on April 17 effectively closing all Texas schools for the remainder of the year. Many students, especially seniors, are wondering how they will regain their property that still sits at the school. Also, where will seniors get their cords, […]

Social Media Spreads Awareness of the Coronavirus

March 31, 2020 11:07pm | Rachel Bregnard

Junior Preston Remlinger closes his textbook and retrieves his phone from his jacket pocket, his fingers curling around the silver case. His eyes dance across his home screen, quickly browsing through his photos and messages, before finally selecting an app depicting the outline of a […]

KatyISD Supports the Community During Times of Crisis

March 26, 2020 7:19pm | Vaishnavi Bhat

With the sudden disruption of everyone’s day-to-day lives due to the unforeseen rapid spread of the coronavirus, many communities, groups, and families are facing various challenges. From a lack of food to an absence of shelter for animals, a great number of the population is […]