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Pacific Rim Two: Not a Very Good Uprising

April 6, 2018 2:56pm | Lauren Buehler

Throughout March, the movie Black Panther has been the rage and has been number one in the box office for quite some time. However, starting Friday, March 23, Pacific Rim Uprising has dethroned the new Marvel feature with its opening week. Pacific Rim Uprising, the […]

Black Panther Movie Review: A Nation Born for Diversity

February 28, 2018 3:49pm | Tyler Olmo

In celebration of Black History Month, Marvel Studios released its highly-anticipated, latest installment in their cinematic universe, Black Panther. The film generated a great deal of anticipation as many saw it as a step in a progressive direction for filmmaking, and this was due to […]

In Remembrance – 12 Strong: Movie Review

February 6, 2018 2:03pm | Fabiana

Directors have created films detailing the events before, during, and after the fall of the twin World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. From documentaries to thrillers to high-speed action, these films have encompassed many aspects of both the victims and the perpetrators of […]

Christmas Movies Airing Now

December 8, 2017 3:36pm | Olivia Garrett

As the holidays roll around and spirit is in the air, many channels have begun to show Christmas movies on their networks. The jolly soundtracks and picturesque views of snow falling gently on light strung trees are already beginning to be broadcasted in the homes […]

Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review

April 3, 2017 3:13pm | Tyler Olmo

Beauty and the Beast returned to theaters this past week with a new twist to the traditional Disney classic through a live-action telling. Viewers are greeted with a living, breathing Beast as he attempts to expel the wretched curse that has transformed his once ‘royal’ […]

Hidden Figures Takes Over Theatres

January 18, 2017 4:12pm | Lexee Decman

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Hidden Figures is a movie based on a true story of three African American women with jobs as ‘computers’ in N.A.S.A. that was released Dec. 25, 2016. It stars Taraji P. Henson (playing Katherine Johnson), Octavia Spencer (playing […]

A Return to the Fantastic Wizarding World – Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: Movie Review

November 29, 2016 3:47pm | Tyler Olmo

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them can be viewed as an extension of the ever-growing Harry Potter universe, which certainly doesn’t disappoint in comparison to the bevy of other films in the cinematic catalog of J.K. Rowling. While presented with all new characters, setting […]

What’s Your Favorite Show to Binge Watch?

September 8, 2016 2:17pm | Riya Kale

Fifty students were polled, ranging in from freshmen to seniors. Thirty-six of those polled preferred dramas and action-fiction shows over both sitcoms and reality TV. Twenty of those polled enjoy binge-watching shows that only they watch, or only one other person enjoys watching. The most […]

Top 10 Movies to Watch Before You Graduate

May 20, 2016 11:09am | Briana Edwards

Accepted (Teen/Film Comedy) Synopsis: After receiving his latest college rejection letter, senior Bartleby Gaines writes a novel way to fool everyone into thinking he is college-bound: Open his own university. Bartleby and his similarly stymied friends take over an abandoned building, create a fake Website, […]

Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

April 6, 2016 9:59am | Maddie Fossit

The long-awaited Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, was announced at Comic-Con in 2013 and DC Comics fans had been counting the days until the movies’ release. Who wouldn’t want to see two superheroes go head to head in the name […]