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Fine Arts

The Making of Baskerville: Coming Soon

January 22, 2020 3:29pm | Diego Martin

As the crowd starts to die down, the curtains draw out and sophomore Aayan Ali is in costume backstage waiting to act out his scene that he had been working on for months. After Ali’s performance, he is applauded by the crowd and bows with […]

Dream on with Sound FX

December 17, 2019 3:46pm | Sneha Raghavan

The Tompkins Sound FX team recently concluded their annual show on Dec. 6 and 7. Each year, the show allows the members to display their wide range of vocal talent, creative choreographies, and months of practice they put in to produce a stunning performance. This […]

Festival of Trees Opens in Katy

November 14, 2019 3:37pm | Rachel Bregnard

The Festival of Trees was blinding, strings of colorful lights strung along every attraction. Classical music, perfectly played by a cluster of violinists, drifted from the gala hall towards the holiday market. Trees, wrapped in ribbons of red and green, towered over onlookers. Parents carried […]

Dance into the fall show

November 12, 2019 3:17pm | Vanessa Caceres

As the stage lights are turned on,  the stage is set and filled with dedication and passion, the dancers are ready to give it their all. The dance department is performing a fall show where students,including the Cavalette dance team, will have the chance to […]

Fall Coffee House Show, Right Around the Corner

October 15, 2019 2:49pm | Raegan Ervin

  Students take their seats in the auditorium as junior Sofia Barreiro steps onto the stage. They watch her take a deep breath as she begins to sing My Once Upon A Time by Dove Cameron. Everyone in the audience silences to enjoy her performance, […]

Look Behind the Stage of Eurydice

October 1, 2019 3:08pm | Jack Simpson

As the crowd filters into their seats, the crew prepares for the big show. Stage hands give the costumes and props to the cast and get them into position. They perform a mic check making sure the curtains are ready to open. Sophomore Hayden Frasier […]

Fort Bend Country Fair 2019 Auction Winners

September 20, 2019 3:05pm | Rachel Bregnard

Full Orchestra Reaches for the Top

February 7, 2019 3:19pm | Tyler Olmo

Instruments ring out from the students, producing the mesmerizing music which has led to them dazzling in state competitions year in and year out. The beautiful cadences and symphonies that resonate from their instruments reflect the dedication and endless hours of practice that go into […]

KEYS Commemorative Artwork by Talented Falcons

April 23, 2018 3:03pm | Contributed

To create the 2018 KEYS Mentoring Program Commemorative Artwork for Katy ISD, seniors Andrea Arrangoiz, Mya Stalnaker, Christina Zhou, Seanna McCarty, Claire Bai, Jaerin Jeong, Renee Josse de Lisle and Maddie Fossitt collaboratively worked for over 50 hours to craft the piece. Prints are made […]

UIL Accolades

April 23, 2018 2:36pm | Contributed

All of the Tompkins orchestras performed at the UIL contest and sight reading contest, earning superior ratings from all judges. This means that all six periods of orchestra won the coveted Sweepstakes Award. Congratulations to the philharmonia, lyrica, sinfonietta, sinfonia and both cambiata orchestras.