September Sport Update

Gracie Long, Editor in Chief

Tompkins is known for being the new school but the OTHS sports teams are determined to change this to being known as the winning school. Before the summer was over, the volleyball team, cross country teams and football team were already working hard toward their upcoming season. For weeks the athletes put in their best work and effort to make the school proud.


Junior cross country captin and runner Julieta Verdejo-Parada.
Lucas De Almeida
Junior varsity cross country captin and runner Julieta Verdejo-Parada.


“My team wants to be in the top three. The biggest challenge is getting there we are right behind them we just need to step it up and get there,” Verdejo-Parada said. “We need to just go after it and not think about it just finish the race.”



Senior football player Will Shealy.
Lucas De Almeida
Senior varsity football player and wide receiver Will Shealy.

“I think that we all are working hard at practice and we are ready to turn the season around,” Shealy said. “Our team has been working together for the past three years and we have gotten pretty close, we want to get our first win.”


Senior volleyball player Erin Wolf.
Senior varsity volleyball player Erin Wolf.

“We want to make it to play offs for sure this year. We are really really tight I think we have one of the tightest teams in the school,” Wolf said.”I think this year we know more of what to expect so we have more motivation. To motivate the team I say lay it all out on the floor.”